Saturday, September 12, 2009


After  touring the farm. We were given raw butterhead lettuce with salad sauce. It taste perfect and has no bitterness. 

From this project,  I have learnt that there are other better ways to grow vegetables. Using aeroponics, vegetables are fresher and healthier, giving more benefits for the human body.
I also know the process of growing plants in a High tech farm better after visiting it.

I myself also went to a supermarket to buy fresh lettuce grown in Singapore and taste it myself. I love it very much.

TayJiaWei (30)
This are freshly grown butterhead lettuce...YUM!

Pictures taken while touring the farm.
Vegetables are placed onto a board above these sprayers with their roots poking through. These sprayers spray nutrient onto the roots of the plants and this is called aeroponics. This ensure the plant to be in the best condition.
These plants are very young and they are grown on styrofoam-like sponges and they will be moved from the nursery to the main growth area.
The sponges are placed on top of nutrient water to make sure the plant gets all the nutrient they need
This picture shows the half grown butterhead lettuce and waiting to be transferred to the main growth area.
This picture show the reusing waste as fertilizers. 
Not only does this save money, it also can save the Earth. The plants grown there use the waste as fertilizers and they are all very healthy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The day of visit to Aero Green Tech (5/9/09)

A few of my classmates met up at Kranji MRT station 9 in the morning and we had our breakfast there. We then took a taxi to the High tech farm and reached there around 9.50am. When we reached there, the guide led us into a room and let us watch a video about the farm there. After watching the video we know much more about how they grow the plants and how the system operates. Another guide brought us around the farm and briefly describe the facilities and types of plants there. We then have around free time. At the end we were gave a plate of butterhead lettuce and each a cup of vegetable juice. We had a great time and we got some pictures to share.

It will be uploaded.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What is High Tech Farming?

High-tech farming mainly refers to agricultural methods using the latest technology, like hydrophonics and aerophonics. That is to say growing veggies in water or in the air only, without the use of soil. And there’s also orchid farms and ornamental fish. It’s also called agrotechnoloy here. 

There are minimal physical inputs to the system, but it is capital intensive since large capital outlay is required to buy specialized equipment, maintenance, training of labour etc. It’s also a commercial farming system, farmers invest in them both for local and export markets; technical know-how is a must, for example, for hydrophonics computers are used to monitor; it is labour-intensive because of the training of lab technicians, scientists, chemists and farm-hands; it uses farming technologiy to increase yields; it has high output and market value because the so-called hygenic (usually pesticide-free) conditions appeal to all health-conscious people out there who don't mind paying more; it is dependent on research and development. Like growing temperate vegetables in a tropical climate, or genetic engineering developing disease-resistant plants with nice colours, or transgenic animals. 

It’s a knowledge-based agricultural system not determined by the kinds of output but by the process. 

So that's a basic outline.

Tay Jia Wei (30)